Thank you for visiting my campaign site.  Please look at why I am running and my priorities page as well as the personal information.  I want my campaign to be a strong voice for Texas energy and against professional politicians running (ruining) the government.  

 I ask for your vote in the Texas Republican primary on March 2, 2010.  I will need your help in spreading the word about my campaign for railroad commissioner if this effort is to be successful.

                    Thanks again,
                    David Porter 

Blog Posts

David addresses the SOTU

By Marcus Porter, on Feb 1, 2010

In a new addition to the website last week David points to the continued assault on the Texas oil, natural gas and coal industries. Support David’s effort to speak out on the potential damage to Texas’ economy, and support the freedom that has kept Texas’ economy among the best in the nation. A freedom resulting in Texas leading the United States not just in oil, but also the development of alternative energy sources.

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David Porter Announces Candidacy

By Marcus Porter, on Jan 12, 2010

David Porter announced his candidacy for Railroad Commissioner.

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